Episode art: It's Time to Step up Your Live Show
It's Time to Step up Your Live Show

A lot of bands ask me about setting up a basic in-ear monitoring rig so they can hear themselves better, and use… shhh… come closer.

Backing tracks (collective gasp).

Here’s the thing, even though holier-than-thou amateur musicians scoff at backtracking elements of a live set, when done with taste backing tracks can add impact and power to your set, without making a show “less live”!

The key is not to replace what’s happening on the stage, but to supplement it. For example you can add synths, piano, strings, or some extra percussion elements, all without hiring an extra member of the band (or trying to get your drummer to grow a third arm).

Listen now to learn more about IEM setups and backtracking so you can make your stage show more exciting for your fans!

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can add extra production elements to your set without breaking the bank
  • What’s needed for basic backing track usage
  • Why it isn’t “cheating” to use backtracks in your live shot
  • A proper mix for backing tracks
  • What tools my band, NRVS, uses for backing tracks
  • A crash course for in ear monitoring
  • Why extra production elements are important (and fun!) for your band

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