If You Don't Release GREAT Cover Songs, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Finding an amazing cover of a song is always a highlight of my day when it happens.

Hearing a new, unique twist on a song I already enjoy just carries a special meaning to it somehow.

But, even though lots of artists release covers only a small handful of them become successful…

It can be really tough because not only do you have to compete with other artists, you have to compete with the original version of the song.

Listen now to learn more about releasing covers so you can harness their power to grow your audience!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to harness the power of covers to grow your band
  • Why you should only release covers if you can do the song justice
  • Why original covers beat carbon copies every time
  • How live or acoustic covers differ from studio releases
  • How some artists build their entire careers on covers
  • How to release cover songs legally
  • What potential pitfalls releasing a cover can run into
  • Why expecting a song not to go viral is the worst attitude to have
  • Where you can find an entertainment lawyer

Listen now!

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