How To Stay Healthy And Happy On Tour

Staying healthy and happy while you’re constantly driving from city to city, venue to venue, can be challenging…

The challenge alone can be mentally draining, but it also takes a physical toll on you – especially if you eat fast food every day (road warriors: we’ve all been there at some point).

Listen now to learn how you can become, and stay, healthier and happier while you’re away from home!

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can stay in good mental and physical shape on the road
  • Why fast food is the worst choice for a touring band
  • How you can save money with healthy snacks
  • Why indie/acoustic acts are more likely to get free food from the venues they play
  • What you can do to improve your van lifestyle
  • Why energy drinks should be avoided when possible
  • How you can keep your body active during tours
  • Why you should get a gym membership (it isn’t just to work out)
  • How to stay active during long drives

Listen now!

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