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How to Open for More Established Acts

It can be tough for independent artists to break through and get their music heard by larger audiences. It’s a long, slow process to get to the top of your local scene… And it takes even more work to break out regionally and nationally.

Opening slots for larger, more well-known artists can be a great way for independent artists to get their music out there and start building a fanbase. The problem is most opening slots are gatekept quite tightly, and getting your foot in the door with the right people can be quite elusive.

This episode is all about finding and booking shows opening for other acts, so you can maximize your chances of success. Listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can get opening slots for bigger shows
  • Which gatekeepers are involved when tours come through your market
  • Why package deals are the downfall of local openers
  • Who to contact for opening slots
  • How to track your show history
  • The worst thing you could do: over-saturating a market
  • Avoiding poisonous attitudes around opening slots
  • Why opening slots are beneficial to local artists

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