How To Boost Your Band's Reputation With Effective Branding

In 2020, image is everything. The most famous people in the world are famous because of their Instagram posts and or Tweets that make the stock market go crazy.

Through all of this, one thing is consistent: branding.

Whether it’s the Instagram model who only posts photos showing off designer clothing, the eccentric billionaire who builds “bullet proof” trucks, or the leader of the free world with his incoherent messaging, each of these people has an image.

This image is their brand.

If Elon Musk posted a photo of a “great turnout” with 5 people in attendance, people would think he’s a loser with no influence.

But if he posts a photo of himself speaking to thousands of people, he has instant credibility.

So why on earth would any band in their right mind post a photo of a local show with only the other bands in attendance?

The business-savvy ones won’t.

Listen now to learn how you can improve your branding and harness a new technique called trigger marketing in combination with your branding to grow your listener base!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to make it seem like you have huge audiences at your live shows
  • Why people want what other people like
  • How rumors can cause things to happen
  • How you can harness visual branding to grow your following
  • Why annoying marketers use clickbait
  • How to portray yourself to the public so you fit the image you want
  • What you can do to get plays on a weekly basis
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore what other artists do to build their brand

Listen now!

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