Getting Started With Project Management For Your Band

Project management is something that many businesses struggle with when they're just starting out.

Bands are no different, in fact project management and team collaboration are one of the biggest factors I see bands struggling with. In fact, all too many times it's one of the factors for a band's lack of success!

Project management is a highly complex topic, but the basics are so easy that no one should have to struggle with project management! It's easier than you think.

In the video below, I show two quick project management tools that will make your life 1000 times easier.

The first one is Coggle, which lets you put your ideas into a logical order. It's really handy for brainstorming or assigning tasks in a map view.

The second is Trello, which is like a digital board that you can add index cards to and move them to different areas. You can break it down into each step of the process, who is working on what, or any other way that you see fit. The best part is each card can have a checklist, deadline, and even comments so you can collaborate with your team incredibly efficiently!

What project management tools help you with your band? Drop a comment below!

Video Transcript