Episode art: From Hobby to Career: Social Media Marketing for Bands
From Hobby to Career: Social Media Marketing for Bands

Social media is a daunting, massive landscape with few rules for bands to follow – and the rules that we do know about seem to change almost daily.

Unfortunately, careful social media creation and curation is vital to any band’s success these days.

That doesn’t mean you have to be on every platform (go ahead, take that sigh of relief). There are a few key platforms, though, which are not optional – and others that will be best for your band.

Listen now to learn which social media platforms will work best for your band, and how you can grow your fanbase with a digital presence!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why paying attention to social media is important for bands
  • How to choose your main social media platform
  • Which social media platforms are optional – and which are requires
  • Preparing yourself for a music career
  • Nurturing a connection with your fans via social media
  • The differences in content and vibe on various social media platforms
  • Why TikTok is so incredibly powerful
  • Apps to use to make social media management easier for your band
  • The importance of consistent branding across your social media
  • Why getting consistent engagement is vital to your success

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