Four Great Marketing Stunts That Could Kill Your Career If You Copy Them

You’ve probably heard of major artists pulling their music from streaming platforms, selling only one unique copy of an album, or some other creative stunt.

These are great ideas for major artists. But if you, as an independent artist, decide to withhold your music from Spotify you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Don’t do that!

We always like to say DIY musicians should watch major artists closely and learn from what they do, but today we’re presenting four things you should not copy from the major acts (yet).

That being said…

Major acts do some things you should focus on before turning to big marketing stunts.

Intrigued? Listen now to learn more!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why many great marketing ideas are not the right marketing move for your band
  • How Taylor Swift earned platinum status faster than any other artist in 2017
  • How Dr. Dre built his empire and kept his music exclusive to Apple Music
  • Why some rappers are the smartest acts in the game
  • How having human qualities boosts a person’s goodwill in the public eye
  • Why quality relationships with your fans are a key to long-term success
  • Why being a go-giver is the path to lasting relationships

Listen now!

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