Episode art: Dreading Summer Touring? Don't Sweat It With These Tips!
Dreading Summer Touring? Don't Sweat It With These Tips!

Summer tours come with some of my best memories – as well as flashbacks of sunburns, busses exploding, heat stroke, you name it. Even if it hasn’t happened directly to me, I know someone who it’s happened to.

As much fun as a summer tour can be, if you dive in head first without any preparation, chances are it won’t go well. That’s why in this episode, Matt and I discuss what we’ve learned over our years on Warped Tour and other summer tours.

Listen now to learn how you and your band can survive and thrive on summer tours, so you can enjoy every tour to its fullest potential!

What you’ll learn:

  • What to consider when booking and playing summer shows
  • The dangers of summer touring
  • Keeping an eye out for the safety of your fans
  • How to avoid getting dehydrated – without flushing your electrolytes
  • What to eat and when
  • The value of a plan B for when your gear overheats
  • Safety first: don’t be afraid to walk away!
  • Using rain to your advantage
  • Getting your needed rest and space during a summer tour
  • Pacing yourself to make it through the entire summer

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The inside of a bunk in a Prevost XLII-45VIP touring coach bus.

My bunk during a tour. Check out that tan line though…

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