Don't Let Stage Fright Ruin Your Music | Coping With Performance Anxiety

In 30 seconds, you have to walk out onto a stage with hundreds of people in the audience.

Your palms are sweaty, and your heart is pounding.

It may feel like you’re the only one in the world who experiences the feeling of performance anxiety, also known as stage fright…

But you’re not alone.

From the artist who plays more than 800 takes of the same part trying to get the perfect one, to the singer who gets sick before walking on stage, thousands of people deal with stage fright every day.

Listen now if you want to learn how to cope with stage fright in front of live audiences as well as in a studio setting, so you can put on the best performance possible.

What you’ll learn:

  • You’re not alone: everyone faces stage fright to some extent
  • How to grow relationships with your fans by being genuine
  • Why PMA is a major player in defeating performance anxiety
  • How to avoid recording 800 takes of the same part
  • How you can go into the studio with confidence
  • Why dressing for success isn’t limited to the white-collar business world
  • How backup plans can reduce performance anxiety
  • The number one thing to do to ensure good mental health

Listen now!

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