Episode art: DIY Bands and VIP Packages?
DIY Bands and VIP Packages?

We’ve all seen a band getting raked over the coals on social media for an “insanely priced” VIP package, right?

Well, it’s time for you to be that band – but without the negative reaction.

Ultimately, what makes a VIP package “worth it” depends on the level of the band, what the offer contains, and how exclusive it is.

Paying $1,000 to meet a local band for a photo? No way. Justin Bieber? Take my money!

On the other hand, sitting down with your favorite regional band for dinner, at a $100 price point? Many people might consider that worthwhile, especially if a merch bundle is included as well.

Realistically, you’re likely barely breaking even on a deal like that… But what you do get is a closer connection to one of your top fans. It’s well worth a shot.

Listen now to learn why even DIY bands should consider offering VIP packages to their audience, and how to handle it without facing backlash.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why small acts should consider VIP packages
  • What major artists offer to VIP customers
  • How to make VIP worth it to your fans
  • Offering a premium package as a smaller artist
  • The challenges – and solutions – of a VIP experience as a diy band
  • Activities to share with your fans
  • Marketing and planning your VIP experience
  • Considerations for your VIP packages

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