Episode art: Creative Minds and Mental Health: How We Can Find Balance | Daniel Rinaldi
Creative Minds and Mental Health: How We Can Find Balance | Daniel Rinaldi

Mental health is often swept under the rug in the music world – only noticed when a celebrity has a public meltdown or takes their own life.

The good news is that the stigma surrounding mental health has been eroding over the past two decades, making it more acceptable to seek help and discuss mental health openly.

Going to a therapist can seem daunting, or even terrifying, but the reality is they are there to help you. No one will judge you – instead it’s a collaborative effort to help you become your best self.

Daniel Rinaldi of Bedlight for Blue Eyes joins the show this week to share his experience and knowledge as a mental health counselor. Listen now to hear his incredibly important message!

What you’ll learn:

  • Removing the stigma of mental health in the music world
  • How mental health in music has changed in recent decades
  • When to seek help from a professional
  • Ways to find help quickly when you are in need
  • Starting the day on the right foot
  • The role of a therapist in mental health
  • Opening the discussion around mental health for productive collaboration
  • Recognizing the people who need to be held accountable and doing so
  • Creating a healthy environment in the music scene
  • Using curiosity to build adventure and hope into your life

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