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Building Your Band and Your Network: It's About Giving

As a musician, it's important to network with other musicians and build genuine connections with them. But how do you go about “networking” without coming across as slimy, rude finance bro?

Get ready to navigate the tricky waters of networking with other musicians and come out looking like a pro so you can find the right band members, book more shows, and become respected in your community.

Listen now to learn how to make the right connections the right way so you can boost your music career!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why networking isn’t what most people think it is
  • How you can grow your network by building genuine connections
  • How your network makes you more powerful
  • Where to find great musicians for your band
  • How being a good influence in the scene pays off
  • How to book shows in cities you haven’t played before
  • Where you can search for other bands to connect with
  • Why respect goes a long way in any relationship
  • What to look for in a relationship

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