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Boost Your Merch Sales by 25%

As a business owner, issuing refunds is never fun – it hurts the wallet, and can sting your ego as well.

But offering a generous refund policy and great customer service is not only a good idea, it’s necessary for a successful business.

Put yourself in your fans’ shoes: who would you rather buy from, a store with amazing customer service, or the store with non-existent customer service?

We bet the answer is the store with amazing customer service, and that’s definitely the answer your fans would give.

Listen now to learn how you can increase your merch sales by 25% with great customer service and a solid refund policy!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why offering refunds is a smart business move
  • How you can instill faith in your customers
  • Why “all sales final” scares customers away
  • How your merch table is a relationship builder
  • Why going the extra mile for your fans inspires loyalty
  • How repurposing “damaged” merch can earn
  • Why offering free shipping is not optional
  • How your choice of shipping providers affects your customers
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about customers taking advantage of your refund policy

Listen now!

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