Episode art: Being in a Band Is 10% Music. What's the Other 90%?
Being in a Band Is 10% Music. What's the Other 90%?

Being in a band is fun when you have the right group of people around you and you’re playing music that makes you feel alive. That’s how it should be!

But as soon as you step off that stage (and before you ever get on it, in fact), the other 90% of running your band’s business kicks in. The time where you have to schedule social posts, book shows, review agreements, network with other artists, etc. etc.

That’s why we want to highlight all the work outside of playing music in this episode – so you can understand the true scale of what’s needed for a music career.

Listen now to learn how you can handle the 90% of being in a band that isn’t music – from driving the van to crafting your branding!

What you’ll learn:

  • What being in a band means – aside from playing music
  • Which tasks in your back are easily delegated
  • Effectively managing your social media brand to grow your fanbase
  • Hiring a driver for your tours
  • The way to getting consistent sound for your shows
  • What happens when you sign a bad record deal
  • How to pay your manager and agent
  • When to pay flat rate vs. a percentage
  • The importance of having a good circle of contractors and staff

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