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Are Promoters Ripping You Off?

When an artist’s tour manager settles a show, they do accounting and collect payment.

As a part of the process, they crunch the numbers for that night. If it doesn’t match what the promoter rep has in their own accounting, the promoter and TM work together to find the problem.

It’s not typically adversarial – instead it’s two parties who want to verify that everything is accounted for properly. Trust but verify.

Listen now to learn what other situations are worthy of trust but verify – there are a lot of them – so you don’t miss out on money your band rightfully earned!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why double checking any agreements, accounting, etc. is important for your band
  • What could happen if you miss something
  • Even big artists (and their teams) make mistakes
  • I’m not perfect, and neither are you! Double check your own work 🙂
  • Cascading mistakes in spreadsheets
  • When you need an entertainment lawyer
  • Being open with your bandmates and team

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