Anxiety in the Studio – Record With the Right Mindset

For some people, going into the studio is all they dream about – other people dread the thought of stepping foot into a studio due to anxiety or fear.

Whether you’re in the first group, the second, or somewhere in between, going into the studio with the right mindset and ideas is make or break for your music.

Listen now to hear how you can increase your productivity, keep bandmates happy, and leave the studio with the best finished product that you can get!

What you’ll learn:

  • How you cope with anxiety in the studio
  • Why working with a producer gives you an enormous advantage
  • How attitude matters for your recording
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to mess up loud
  • How trusting outside opinions boosts your confidence – and results
  • Why every note matters
  • Why a producer making you redo takes isn’t being mean
  • How giving constructive criticism is a gamechanger
  • How to give each band member an ideal studio experience

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