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5 Reasons You're Not Getting Booked for Good Shows

You've put in the time and effort to write great music, hone your skills, and build a following, but you're still not getting booked for good shows.

You’re probably thinking, “what's going on?”

Chances are, with a few small tweaks to your process, you’ll start getting those dream shows sooner rather than later.

In this week’s episode, I go over five reasons you aren't getting booked, and the solutions to those five problems. Listen now to start booking more shows for your band!

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you aren’t getting booked for shows
  • Finding the right promoters and venues to work with
  • How to avoid playing with flaky bands
  • Making sure your fans have a good experience at every venue you play
  • Why you should never book the “show of last resort”
  • The biggest cause of missing out on the best shows and how to avoid it

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