2020 Sucked. Here's What We Want to See Musicians Doing in 2021.

2020 isn’t going to be on anyone’s list of favorite years. In ten years it might be “that year we don’t talk about”.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t see some good things happen in 2020. For example, live streams becoming more popular isn’t a bad thing – I remember watching “pro shot” livestreams in 2010 that had awful quality, now anyone can beat that visual quality with an iPhone and some decent lighting.

So what do we want to see from DIY artists in 2021? Listen now to find out what our ideal 2021 looks like for the music community!

What you’ll learn:

  • How artists can capture momentum to grow in 2021
  • Why you need to have merchandise available for your fans in 2021
  • Why “we don’t have enough fans for merch” is wrong
  • How you could adapt existing software to bring new income streams to your band
  • Why it’s important to embrace systems and technology if you want a music career
  • Why you should invest in yourself (both financially and with your time) during 2021
  • Why now is the time to build relationships with other artists, promoters, and stakeholders in the music world
  • How you’re hurting your chances of success by not creating content

Listen now!

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