Touring is a critical part of your band’s success. If you want to break into new markets, sell merch, and interact with fans in meaningful ways, touring is absolutely essential. There’s no getting around it.

The problem is, managing your tours effectively is also one of the most difficult jobs you’ll have to do. It's a task entirely different from being an artist. If you’re not prepared, things can go wrong and your tour will quickly become a disaster.

Becoming a lean, mean touring machine is all about trial and error. You can either learn the hard way by spending time and money making those mistakes yourself, or hire an expensive tour manager who can apply their experience to your tour.

The good news is there’s a third solution: the Road Ready Course.

The Road Ready Course covers booking, finances, routing, day-to-day management, and more. It's perfect for independent artists who want to hit the road ready to rock.