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Before you go…

Touring can be easy, fun, and profitable… Or it can be awful, difficult, and lose lots of money.

The big difference between these two scenarios is a great budget with amazing organization.

But you don't have to be a wizard to set up a budget and get organized…

Instead, use the Bandhive Tour Sheet to build your budget, create your tour route, and stay on track while you're on the road.

Here's what's in it:

One-page itinerary/calendar, listing each show, off day, and travel day including expected income, mileage and travel time, and more!

A daily budget sheet to keep your expenses on track and in control

An automatically calculated fuel estimation

Simple bookkeeping with a built-in expense log

An end-of-tour profit and loss statement

A handy calculator for any commissions or management/agency fees

A gear manifest template so you know what's gone when the worst case scenario hits

Why the Bandhive Tour Sheet is worth it

It's yours for life

Once you have the Bandhive Tour Sheet, you can use it over and over again thanks to the power of Google Sheets. Compare that to the leading tour management app that costs over $60 per month.

It's packed with real-world experience

I built the first version of this sheet nearly a decade ago. Over time, it's been updated every time I use it.

That means there are nine years of experience packed into this sheet – and you'll get each future update!

Math is handled automatically

Math is far from my favorite subject – and I'm guessing you're in the same boat.

With this sheet, all you have to do is enter raw data and any math is done automatically. Talk about easy!

And most importantly…

With this sheet, you will be able to understand your tour finances.

I'll never forget the moment I wrapped up an artist's tour accounting and told them they had earned money… They were shocked, and said that was the first time they'd turned a profit on a tour. When I asked how much they lost on past tours, they said they never tracked it – so they may well have been profitable on those tours as well, but didn't realize it!

The Bandhive Tour Sheet is for you if…

You want to run a profitable band
You are actively trying to grow your business
You can commit to updating the sheet daily
You are confident in your decision to tour

The Bandhive Tour Sheet is not for you if…

You can't commit to the business side of music
You don't take your band seriously
You consider music a hobby
You don't understand business basics

Why use the Bandhive Tour Sheet over a “professional” app?

No subsciption

Buy it once, use it forever…

No other tool offers this!


If you're an advanced user, modify the templates


Community members shape each new version


Made DIY, for DIY, the way only a DIYer could


I want you to be able to easily and effectively manage your next tour. That's what this template has done for me over the years.

If for any reason you don't feel the Bandhive Tour Sheet is right for you, let me know within 30 days and I'll issue a full refund.

I know that this tool will help you, which is why I can make this promise. There's no risk to you, so go ahead and give the Bandhive Tour Sheet a try.

Start taking your band seriously

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